Imagine renting out an investment property in a timely manner and ensuring that your tenants comply with your standards before they move into the property. Imagine a seamless process that allows you to focus on other goals and interests while still getting the most out of your property. At Clifton Management & Rentals, our team of experienced professionals offer the tools that you need to quickly rent out a property and connect with the right tenants.

propmgtOur team offers full-service property management services and we make sure to handle any unexpected emergencies that arise in the property. We also run a background check on tenants before they move into the property and we handle the details of renting out the space so that you can feel confident that your property is maintained and managed in a professional manner.

Since our team keeps within a close radius of Havelock, we are always available to handle problems when they arise. We also make sure that any repairs or problems are handled in a professional manner after a tenant moves out so that the unit is ready for a new tenant as quickly as possible.