Moving to a new town or a new rental home raises concerns about finding the perfect place. Depending on your goals and situation, the best space for your needs will vary; however, Clifton Management & Rentals has the experience to assist with your goals.

NCflagAs a family-owned property management company, Clifton Management & Rentals provides flexibility that makes it easier to find the right property for your goals. We also make sure to handle all of the details related to the rental process so that you have the tools to move in quickly and start enjoying the property.

Our team only provides rental services to the Havelock, North Carolina area and we help you find a rental unit within 30 miles of MCCS Cherry Point. Since we stay within a 30 mile radius of Havelock, we have professionals available to handle any emergencies or problems that arise during your stay in one of our units. We also offer assistance to military families and members of the military so that you can quickly move into a rental home and also have the flexibility to move when the military orders a transfer.